Supporting employees to promote positive Mental Health

In my last blog, I looked at why it’s important to support Mental Health in the workplace.


Hopefully you have seen how and why it makes great business sense; we will now turn our attention to how you can make a positive difference to employees’ mental health in the workplace.

There are two different types of approaches you can take with lots of positive benefits. Proactive action is always better then reactive, especially in the area of employee well being. Here are some top tips that can make a massive difference to your business.

Informal Approaches
  1. Look out for employees who change behaviour: This could be demonstrated by how they usually dress or groom themselves. Take an opportunity to just go and say ‘Hi, how are you doing?’, informal conversations are a great way to build up relationships and support each other.
  2. Come up with a workplace well being initiative like ‘Ramble, in more ways than one’. Work colleagues can go and stretch their legs during their lunch break and have a conversation with someone else in the office who they wouldn’t normally work with.
  3. Awareness Campaigns: such as Time to talk day, Mental health awareness weeks, Stress Awareness Month or Anti-Bullying Week. You could do some or all of these or come up with one that suits your business
  4. Social Outings are a great way to be inclusive. As well as Christmas Parties, you could do include other celebrations throughout the year.

Formal Approaches
  1. Develop Health and Well being Strategies. Remember that Health and Well being are different topics although they can be interlinked dependent on the initiative.
  2. Introduce Mental Health First Aider’s in the workplace. Mental Health First Aid England do a number of accredited awareness courses.
  3. Have an employee assistance programme that meets the needs of your workforce. Empower your employees to choose one that is fit for purpose. You could create a working group from a cross section of your business to take on this project.
  4. Carry out a workplace health needs assessments. There is plenty of research to demonstrate the correlation between physical and mental health. By addressing health needs you can improve mental health

We hope that this gives you some ideas of things you could start doing within your workplace today. If you have any queries or need help, please contact Hill HR.

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