Why it’s important to support Mental Health in the Workplace

In Mental Health Awareness week, what better way to raise awareness and remove the stigma around speaking out, then to have a blog dedicated to exploring why it’s important to support Mental Health in the workplace.


Nowadays, most employers have a culture that encourages staff to ask for help if they are struggling with any mental health conditions. Despite this, staff are still too embarrassed to ask for help because they feel if they did then it would be perceived that they are incompetent at their jobs. The reality is that by asking for help early, it could kick start a conversation to put support mechanisms in place. The more we talk about Mental Health in the workplace, the more people have the confidence to ask before it becomes a crisis.

From an employer’s approach, it just makes great business sense to provide support for their most valued assets, their people.

So, why does it make great business sense? Let’s look at 4 areas.


The culture your business creates will be the single biggest thing that will have your business recognised as one of the best companies to work for and can massively help, when it comes to retaining and attracting the very best talent. In a day when the entrepreneurial economy is seeing expediential growth, companies are needing to offer positive working environments, with opportunities to grow and have an inclusive team. It’s time to be honest with yourself as an employer; is your culture fit for purpose or one that needs areas for improvement?


Process is one area that can help improve productivity but the biggest area that can help increase productivity is by investing in the individuals that work for you. Individuals that are struggling with poor mental health are significantly less productive. The UK statistics show that 62% of employees have taken a day off due to poor mental health.

Cost to the business

If your employees are taking time off due to poor mental health, be it short- or long-term absenteeism, it will be having an impact on your financial performance; the bottom line. This may be an obvious fact but one that many people are shy to face. In some cases, it can be catastrophic to a business and in more severe cases it can result in business closure.

Presenteeism & Leave’ism

These are two areas that are often overlooked, but in relation to Mental Health is it huge. By providing support in the workplace around mental health, it can be seen as a proactive approach to these two-growing phenomena. Ask yourself, do you know about this growing epidemic and is it prevalent in your business?

I hope this will provoke you in to giving this area more thought. If you have any queries or need help, please contact Hill HR.

In the next article, we will look at how you can support mental health at work.


Credit: Thank you to my guest blog writer Marie Jenkins from Advance Events Ltd.