Hill HR Consultancy Limited

HR help and support for small businesses across Worcestershire and beyond.

Making sure the basic essentials are in place;

Establishing the building blocks of the employment relationship;

Troubleshooting any day to day problems;

Helping you plan HR for the future of your business.

Making business owners feel better about their HR.

Flexible – Local – Cost Effective.

HR Services

Hill HR can support your business with the full range of HR services giving you peace of mind.

Resource Hub

The Resource Hub is a toolkit for helping you manage your people. Each topic heading contains useful articles, FAQs, tips, factsheets and HR Guides. 

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At Hill HR Consultancy Limited

We are on a mission to inform, educate and empower business owners.

We appreciate that HR and employment law can be a minefield. Dealing with HR issues can take valuable time away from running your business. After all, you didn’t start your business to become an HR Manager. So, let us be your HR Manager!

The Hill HR team feel privileged to work with small businesses, guiding and supporting them – making business owners feel better about their HR.

Hill HR will ensure you have the essentials embedded in your business, will support you with any HR problems, keep you legally compliant and help you plan HR for the future of your business.

Hill HR operates across Worcestershire and the West Midlands, working with businesses on a retainer, ad-hoc or on a project basis.

Combining HR expertise with know-how on running a business, Hill HR support, inform and educate business owners giving them the knowledge and confidence they need to manage their people.

If you wish to invest in HR expertise to protect your business, Hill HR Consultancy can help you.

How can Hill HR Consultancy Limited add value to your business?

By dealing with HR problems promptly; nipping things in the bud, so a small issue does not escalate into a major problem.

By reducing the time you spend on HR, so you can get on and run your business;

Supporting you if you are employing for the first time and you are not quite sure what your responsibilities are and what you need to do. Hill HR will support you in taking those first steps in employing your first member of staff, ensuring it is not daunting;

Embedding the essentials into your business – contracts of employment, policies & procedures, staff handbook – supporting you with any HR problems you encounter;

Saving you the cost of having to employ an in-house HR professional, an additional resource to cover busy periods or to carry out a particular piece of work;

Provide legally compliant documentation and processes, reducing the possibility of an employee challenge;

All this depersonalises and resolves sensitive workforce issues, giving you the peace of mind that the issues that cause you concern are being dealt with.

And, importantly, Hill HR Consultancy Limited have the flexibility to provide individual, tailored advice to suit your business and NOT a one-size fits all approach.