Fixed Fee Recruitment Services

The wrong hire can be costly for your business in terms of time, money and even reputation. So hiring the right person with the right skills is so important. Often small businesses do not want, or need, to use a recruitment agency and do not want to pay the percentage placement fee.

Managed recruitment campaigns – no placement fees
We offer fixed fee packages which can be tailored to meet your specific hiring needs.

From HR and employment experts – who can offer more than just recruitment.
Hill HR are proud of already providing established and expert HR services to small business clients. We extend that same level of expertise to our recruitment services to find you the right candidate.

Using Applicant Tracking Software
We know how time consuming the process to find the right person can take. That’s why we can do it all for you using our integrated Applicant Tracking Software. We can manage your hiring process from start to finish and ensure you only have to deal with the most suitable applicants, without it costing you an arm and a leg.

Our recruitment packages include the following which you can pick and chose from:

Our recruitment packages are tailored to your specific recruitment needs: you can chose as much or as little support as you need.

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