HR Essential Documentation: Employment Contracts and Staff Handbooks

We can draft new Employment Contracts and Staff Handbooks, or review and update your existing ones

These important documents form the basis of the employment relationship and are crucial tools for managing your staff. They provide absolute clarity about the terms and conditions of employment, avoiding any misunderstanding or challenges.

Both documents should be reviewed on a regular basis: at least annually or when employment legislation changes.

Bespoke Employment Contracts to ensure legal compliancy and protect your business

Once signed, the Employment Contract forms a legally binding agreement between the employer and the employee. It sets out the terms and conditions of employment.

You are legally required to provide your staff with an Employment Contract from day one of employment – if not before.

We can draft the different types of contracts you may need, such as full-time, part-time, fixed-term, zero-hour, casual contracts and Apprenticeship Agreements. 

If you decide not to employ and use freelancers or contractors instead, we can also draft your Contractor Agreements.


Staff Handbook tailored for your business

A Staff Handbook, also referred to as an Employee Handbook, is a collection of your rules, policies and procedures. 

Although not a legal requirement to have, your Staff Handbook will clearly set out what is expected of your staff and what they are entitled to. This ensures fairness and consistency in how you manage your staff. 

Your Staff Handbook is also a useful guide to welcome new members of staff.

We can tailor the handbook to suit your requirements. We offer a full version with a complete set of HR policies, or we can provide a shortened handbook with a collection of 5 essential policies, namely Discipline, Grievance, Managing Sickness, Use of IT and Email and Social Media Policy. Alternatively, we can tailor a handbook to suit your needs and add to it as your business grows and develops.


Not just Contracts and Handbooks, we can provide other useful HR documentation, such as letters and forms.

If you wish to discuss a particular issue with us, or you just want to feel secure and protected knowing Hill HR are by your side, just call and we can have a discussion.