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Employees and Company Social Media: the rules when Working from Home

It is important that businesses continue posting social media content during lockdown. This may be to keep in touch with your clients and customers, to attract new perspective clients and customers or to maintain your brand awareness whilst face to face meetings and networking are non existent.

However, if your staff are posting on behalf of the company whilst working from home, it is really important to establish some clear guidelines and rules. 

Here are some tips to avoid any problems:

  • Staff may be sitting at home in a casual environment, but posts must still meet the company etiquette. Remind staff that although they may be posting from home, the same ‘work’ rules apply. Posts should remain professional and not casual.
  • Ensure this also applies to commenting on and liking other people’s posts when doing so on behalf of the company.
  • Ensure your staff are trained to use the social media platforms and how to post.
  • Ensure your staff are clear about what they can post. For example, what content can be covered and how the post should be written.
  • If the company has a standard format for social media posts in line with their branding, ensure this is followed. For example, should the company logo be inserted onto every post.
  • Consider whether posts should be checked and authorised before being posted live.
  • We all know that time can be lost on social media. Remind staff to track their time. Ensure they are only posting during working time to maintain their work life balance.
  • If staff have a WhatsApp group, ensure they are clear about the rules of the group. Work related WhatsApp groups can still be classed as a work platform, even if they were set up for casual chat or to organise an event.
  • Remind staff that they represent the company even online and that any unprofessional posts can damage the reputation of the company.
  • The employer can still be held vicariously liable for the actions carried out by its employees in the course of their employment.
  • Finally, consider implementing a Social Media Policy. A Social Media Policy sets out terms of use and gives clear expectations and guidance about what is and is not acceptable.
 If you would like to discuss any of this with us, or like to implement a Social Media Policy, please contact Hill HR.