Don’t let your new member of staff fend for themselves.

Here are my 6 top tips to help your new employee settle in.

My recent articles have been about employing a member of staff for the first time and ensuring they have correct contracts of employment. But what about once your new employee starts?

First impressions can dictate whether your new member of staff will stay with you long term.  Can you imagine how they would feel if they were shown to their new desk in a strange building and left to fend for themselves?  Left to figure out who is who, how to work the phone and where to find the toilet?

Your new starter has impressed you enough during the recruitment process for you to hire them, so here are six things that you, their employer, can do to impress them once they start work for you.  This will ensure they feel welcome and help them become more productive, more quickly.

  1. Before they start try to ensure your new employee knows what to expect: this will lessen any nervousness about their first day. Let them know what time to arrive, where and to whom they should report.  Give them some useful information, such as whether there is a canteen, whether they should they bring lunch or if are there places nearby to buy food? Let them know your dress code and ask them to bring any information needed for the essential HR paperwork – such as bank information and next of kin details.
  1. Prepare an induction programme, include a tour of the premises on the first day, show them where the toilets are and where to get a drink. Introduce them to colleagues and bosses. Don’t overwhelm your new employee. The induction programme doesn’t need to be crammed into one day. Break up the programme across the first week, two weeks or maybe a month.
  2. Give them a new starter pack; this could include the staff handbook, any necessary new starter paperwork, a map of the premises, an organisation chart and any new equipment or stationery they will need.
  1. Assigning a work friend or buddy will make your new team member feel comfortable. It will give them someone to whom they can ask questions and will make sure they are not left out.
  1. Send out a new starter announcement to the company, introducing everyone to their new colleague.
  1. Have a clear work plan so that they can start learning their new job. Keep them busy, there is nothing worse than being bored when you start a new job.

The impressions formed by your new member of staff in the first few days will have a huge impact on their experience of your business. It is well worth investing your time in making this experience a really welcoming and positive one.

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