HR Services

Hill HR can guide you right through the life cycle of your employees from recruitment to exit.

Help is just a phone call or email away – on or off site – providing you with advice and support to help you manage your people issues; those issues that can cause you concern and take up your time.

All businesses are not the same; therefore, your HR needs are not the same. Hill HR provide support for your unique business.

Hill HR Services

Recruitment and Selection

Choosing the right people to work within your business.


Hill HR Services


Welcoming people to your business, ensuring they have all the necessary information to settle in quickly.


Hill HR Services

Contracts and Handbook

Ensuring the essentials are in place: contracts of employment, other types of contracts, policies, procedures and a Staff Handbook

Hill HR Services

Managing Sickness

Supporting you in managing any sickness related issues


Hill HR Services

Managing Performance

Ensuring your employees understand the expectations of their role; encouraging and supporting them even when they are not performing as they should be

Hill HR Services

Discipline and Grievances

Putting them back on track when they go wrong: Trouble shooting any problems


Hill HR Services

Change Management

Support when changes to the business need to be made which affect your people


Hill HR Services

HR Advice and Support

Giving you the advice, support and guidance you need to do all this

Hill HR Services

Employment Legislation 

Ensuring everything is done with legal compliance so you are confident that your business is protected


Do you need to transform how you manage your HR Admin?

Would centralising your information with one HR system help?

Click here to view a short video explaining more about it.

If you are interested in a demo of the system, a free trial and to know more about it, please contact me.

Hill HR partners with Breathe and is able to offer this helpful tool to make your life easier.

Breathe is a cloud based HR software solution that allows you to escape HR admin and allows you to focus on your business. It centralises all your staff information in one safe and easily accessible place, such as

  • centralising staff data,
  • approving and monitoring holiday requests,
  • managing staff sickness and performance,
  • recruitment,
  • organising documents
  • recording discipline and grievance information.